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Partner Feedback: Testimonials

“I first met Mr. Edwards a few months before the COVID pandemic took control of our lives. His brief and thoughtful explanation of his personal background, interests and work experiences set the tone for a very close working relationship since then. He was very quick to understand the scope and the objectives of our plans and agreed to become a key member of our project development team. At my request, Broc was instrumental in securing the support of the largest and most qualified U.S. based investment and commercial bank for a very large investment program that requires close cooperation with the U.S. government and multiple state and local government agencies.

His presence and contributions always added substantial value. He is a very good listener and a trusted team player and confidant. He answers questions clearly and with in-depth comments as needed. His ethics and composure are a tremendous asset that becomes especially important in challenging situations and circumstances. He does not walk away from problems and finds ways to create certainty when there was none before."

John Schultes, CEO at IPS Holding

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