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Broc W. Edwards

Founder & CEO of Pronoia

While working several years on Wall Street as an investment banker, Broc fine-tuned his expertise in negotiating deals, raising capital and powerfully positioning his clients to succeed. He has repeatedly demonstrated his industry prowess and business acumen, closing over $1.3 billion in M&A transactions and raising over $800 million in the debt and equity markets. 

Today his focus is simple: guide Pronoia to be an industry leader, meeting clients at the crossroads of Wall Street and Entrepreneurship. With his experience starting and growing multi-seven figure companies of his own, he understands the entrepreneurial journey as well as the destination. His character, paired with a rugged never take no for an answer mentality and sheer will to succeed despite the obstacles provides for a powerful asset in any boardroom or negotiation. If you are looking for a team of strategic partners to stand by your side and advocate on your behalf, look no further than Pronoia.

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